"From day one, I knew Chris Rivers was going to change the way we worked with professional athletes. He had an ability to balance very formal business needs with a deep personal connection to the athlete. During my time working with Rivers we made some of the best athlete marketing in the industry." Lorrin Pascoe
Former Senior Director of Communications, Adidas
"Chris Rivers is not only an exceptional professional, but most importantly an exceptional person. His impact and influence for the athletes he leads, mentors, and advises is priceless. Whether it be on or off the court, Chris opens doors, creates opportunities, and has a special ability to help others make their dream a reality." Phil Beckner
NBA Skills Trainer
"I managed adidas' global partnership with the NBA, from the jerseys and gear worn by the players, to the US and international businesses for the retail versions of that product, as well as all event and sponsorship activities with the league and the individual teams. My fondest memories in that role were talking with Chris about the big picture of what really matters in that universe of our athlete endorsers, the NBA, the individual NBA teams, and our industry competitors. He's one of the few who knows how the whole ecosystem actually works." David Cho
Former Global NBA Partnership Director at Adidas
"Rivers is one of the most respected basketball minds not only In the United States but across the world. He is well regarded at the high school, college and NBA levels. I can say this definitively because I have dealt with him on every level the past 25 years. Anyone that can be associated with him should take full advantage." Rodney Heard
Current NBA Executive
"I first met Chris over 20 years ago at Reebok where he was one of the best people I ever worked with in the grassroots space. He has always been one of the most trusted, loyal and innovative people I have encountered. I always seek his advice and counsel when I need an unbiased and measured opinion on anything hoops." Rob Kennedy
President, Hoop Group
"Having known Chris for over 18 years, the strongest compliment I can convey is writing a letter of recommendation for his daughter for college to my alma mater. Chris never asked me to do this, but because of my great respect for Chris, I wanted to help his family any way I could. Chris is someone I would let manage my own children's careers if they were ever to get to the next level and I feel his integrity and thoughtfulness will serve any client well for years to come." Tom McGee
CEO KloneLab, New Balance Golf
"I have known Chris Rivers both professionally and personally for over 10 years, throughout that time no one has been more committed to the success of the tasks he takes on. His industry experience, work ethic and ability to connect with the individual is unparalleled. From the people he leads to the events he manages, Chris' passion for the game and compassion for the individual shines through." Jeremy Landis
Owner, Landis Technologies, LLC
"I've worked side by side with Chris Rivers for the past 20+ years... long hours in the gym, on the road, developing strategies, marketing campaigns, and executing plans... he's a true PRO in so many ways. Chris has a gift for making relationships matter and empowering team members to feel like their contributions are the key ingredients to a successful project." Albert Hall
President, HallPass Media
"Christopher Rivers is one the most honest and trustworthy guys I know in the sports world. He's very professional and straight forward and all about getting business done the right way. He also has the vision and insight to help anybody reach their full potential. Most importantly, Chris is an amazing person and someone I call a friend because he's always been there for me and is one of the reasons my career has gone in the right direction thru his guidance and advice." God Shamgod
NBA Assistant Coach
"I have known Chris for over 20 years, and he is someone who has given me good advice at different moments in my coaching career. He is someone who has always put basketball first." Tim Fanning
Assistant Coach, Maccabi Tel Aviv
"Chris and I have known each other for 15 years as we worked together to help build the Reebok Basketball brand. Chris has incredible passion, network and drive that will no doubt make him extremely successful in his next chapter of his life." Justin Kittredge
Founder and CEO, ISlide
"I have known Chris Rivers on a personal and professional level for about 20 years. He has a unique ability to connect with people and develop meaningful relationships. Chris is well-known and respected person in the basketball world. He is a dedicated individual with a tireless work ethic. I know Chris Rivers is someone that can be counted on without hesitation." Gerry Freitas
Former College Coach, Current Scout and Basketball Event Director